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Choose, Click, Buy, Move Right In!

You can buy just about anything you want with a click on the Internet. Everything that is, except a house.

Until now, buying a house is viewed at “the most important transaction of your life”, an idea that is perpetuated by real estate companies which rely on reinforcing the ominous nature of home buying to sell their services and get their high commissions.

But buying a house does not have to be this ominous transaction and just like online car purchase has been made easy and secure, Housebit brings all the power, simplicity and safety of the digital world to home buyers.  And on the other side, the same digital platform makes investing in real estate simple and secure.

What is Housebit?

Housebit is a fully automated platform for home buyers and real estate investors which provides them with all the tools they need to buy a home or invest in real estate. In the same way that other online platforms have simplified complex purchases such as buying a car, Housebit does the same, and more for real estate.  Housebit is a cryptographically secure process which facilitates safe and secure real estate transactions as well as providing all services needed to maintain and sell properties.

What is the Housebit Concept?

The key to Housebit is taking a property and cryptographically “encapsulating” it into a residential trust as a distinct trust unit rather than creating a title deed.  While the title deed process is long, expensive and cumbersome – encapsulation provides all parties with a simple and quick mechanism to invest in, buy, or sell a property. The encapsulation also provides significant tax advantages for both investors and buyers.


Housebit and all of its features are provided through a secure and easy to use online platform.


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