at the Push of a Button
at the Push of a Button
The easiest way to buy a house
The easiest way tobuy a house Purchase-by-renting™ Invest in real estate

HouseBit manages everything on your behalf:

HouseBit is an easy-to-navigate online platform that reduces the complexity, cost and risk of buying a home or investing in real estate, by providing you with all the tools needed to buy, maintain and sell real estate with most transactions being completed with just a click.

  • Mortgage payments
  • Tax payments
  • Utility payments
  • General maintenance, etc.

You just pay one total monthly fee for all property obligations for as long as you want to keep your property. You can live in your property, hold it as an investment, rent it out or make it available to short term online rental services.

Why buyer will be Attracted to HouseBit ?


HouseBit BUYING Transaction

Advantages of BUYING a property through HouseBit

  • No attorney needed
  • Properties pre-inspected
  • Only payment deposit required
  • No attorney fees
  • No lender fees
  • Contract for Deed in buyer’s name Via Smart Contract on Blockchain
  • All registrations complete
  • No documents to sign
  • SmartHome Wi-Fi key delivered electronically

HouseBit Maintenance

Advantages of MAINTAINING a property through HouseBit


HouseBit SELLING Transaction

Advantages of SELLING a property through HouseBit

  • No attorney needed
  • Properties pre-inspected
  • No renegotiation or repairs
  • No liens on property
  • Simple name transfer
  • No mortgage to discharge and no penalties
  • No documents to sign
  • No attorney fees
  • Utilities transferred to new owner automatically
  • Property access transferred electronically

Satisfaction guaranteed
or we are taking it back in the first month

Housebit is safe

Why is Housebit Safe?

  1. No Hidden Problems
    All Housebit properties approved by Housebit so there will never be any unpleasant surprises. New construction is covered by comprehensive new home guarantees and existing properties are thoroughly inspected by certified home inspectors and these inspection reports are available to you.
  2. Properties are Free and Clear
    All Housebit properties are free and clear of all liens and encumbrances. This means that when the time comes to complete your purchase, there is nothing in the way to prevent completing the transaction.

  3. A Fair Price
    All Housebit properties are independently appraised at fair market value

  4. No Initial Fees
    The are no initial fees to lock in the agreement – often called a “commitment fee”. You simply pay the advertised monthly rate and move in.

  5. 30-day Opt-Out Provision
    Unlike a traditional purchase or lease arrangement, if for any reason you do not want to go ahead with your Housebit purchase, you can opt out of the agreement within 30 day.

Real Estate Properties Title
Encapsulation Technology


Housebit is a cryptographically secure process

A process which facilitates safe and secure real estate transactions as well as providing all services needed to maintain and sell properties.


What is the Housebit Concept?

The key to Housebit is taking a property and cryptographically “encapsulating” it into a residential trust as a distinct trust unit rather than creating a title deed.  While the title deed process is long, expensive and cumbersome – encapsulation provides all parties with a simple and quick mechanism to invest in, buy, or sell a property. The encapsulation also provides significant tax advantages for both investors and buyers.

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